Transition in Action, Totnes 2030, an Energy Descent Action Plan

Appendix I – Inspiration

Not claiming to be an exhaustive list, but a starting point for everyone to share and add suggestions to…

A Green New Deal (2008)
New Economics Foundation

A Pattern Language, (1977)
Christopher Alexander et al
New York OUP

A structured method of describing good design practices within a field of expertise.

Atmos Prospectus for Totnes Dairy Crest Site


South London project uses waste timber from the construction industry and arboreal waste from trimming the city trees; the plant has been sized to supply all the local electricity needs so when demand is low, the surplus is sold to the grid.

Can Britain feed itself?
The Land 4 (Winter 2007-08)
Fairlie, S.

Climate Safety: in case of emergency (2008)
Public Interest Research Centre

Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. (2005)
Jared M. Diamond
Deals with societal collapses involving an environmental component, and in some cases also contributions of climate change, hostile neighbours, and trade partners, plus questions of societal responses.

Commonwork’s ZEF (Zero fossil Energy Farming) project

Community Resilence Manual. A Resource for Rural Recovery and Renewal (2000)
The Centre for Community Enterprise, British Columbia

Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes. (2005)
Vijoen, Andre, et al
Architectural Press, Burlington MA

DARE report. (2006)
Devon Association for Renewable Energy

Going Local. (1998)
Michael Shuman

Homes for Wells
A scheme running successfully in Wells in North Norfolk

Living Through the Energy Crisis. (2008)
C.J. Campbell and Graham Strouts

Localisation, A Global Manifesto (2000)
Colin Hines, Earthscan
Economics and trading that underpin a local economy

Kinsale 2021 An Energy Descent Action Plan (2005)
Kinsale (Ireland) FEC Students & Rob Hopkins
Probably the first attempt by a community to design an EDAP

Making the Invisible Visible: the real value of park assets. (2007)
Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

Managing without Growth, Slower by Design, Not Disaster. (2008)
Victor, P.A.
Edward Elgar Publishing

One Planet Agriculture: the Case for Action
Edited by Rob Hopkins and Patrick Holden
Soil Association

Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to save Civilization. (2008)
Lester R. Brown
Free download from The Earth Policy Institute website
Concise yet very informative and readable summaries of the key issues facing civilization as a consequence of the stress we put on our environment. Problems and very practical solutions are laid out.

Plan B 4.0 Mobilizing to save Civilization by the Numbers ( Oct. 2009)
Lester R. Brown
Plan B goals for eradicating poverty and stabilizing population. Behind the scenes are a number of datasets and graphs that delve deeper into the trends discussed.

Prosperity without growth? The transition to a sustainable economy. (2009)
Jackson, T.
Sustainable Development Commission

Real England-The battle Against the Bland (2008)
Paul Kingsnorth
Portobello Books

Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World. (2006)
Walker, B. And Salt, D.
Island Press

Small is Beautiful, a study of economics as if people mattered. (1973)
A remarkable book, as relevant today and its themes as pertinent and thought provoking as when it was published over thirty years ago

Sustainable Communities: the potential for eco neighbourhoods. (200)
Barton, H. (ed)
Earthscan Books

Sustainable Energy-Without the Hot Air (2009)
David Mackay
Cambridge University Press
Focused on the UK, brilliant reference for the serious study of energy issues and how to budget for a post-peak and carbon reducing world. Plenty of facts, figures and wry humour. Free download.

The Collapse of Complex Societies. (1988)
Joseph Trainer
Tainter argues that societies collapse when their investments in social complexity reach a point of diminishing marginal returns.

The Earth Care Manual: A Permaculture Handbook for Britain and Other Temperate Countries. (2004)
Permanent Publications

The Energy Challenge (2007)
Geoffrey Haggis
Troubador Publishing Ltd

The Party’s Over (2003)
The Essential Relocalisation of Food Production.(2007)
Blackout (2009)
Heinberg, R.

Towards Transport Justice: Transport and Social Justice in an Oil-Scarce Future, (April 2008)

The Work That Reconnects

Transforming Urban Environments for a Post Peak Oil Future: A Vision Plan for the City of Buenaventura. (2009)
The City of Buenaventura

The Transition Handbook: from oil dependency to local resilience’ (2008)
Rob Hopkins
Green Books
The 12 steps of Transition

The Transition Timeline. (2009)
Chamberlin, S.
Green Books/Transition Network
UK perspectives and scenarios and timelines for a post-oil future

Transforming the Future: a design perspective. April 2009
Case studies and sharing ideas with 2 projects in Totnes, Sustainable Makers and ReFurnish.
Partners: Transition Town Totnes (TTT), Dartington College of Arts, & others

What should tomorrow’s world energy production look like?
A GreenFacts summary of the IEA’s global energy scenarios to 2050
Global energy scenarios & strategies to 2050 are explored by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in their ‘Energy Technology Perspectives 2008′ report.
Published and accessible free of charge at

Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: What the Price of Oil Means for the Way We Live.
Rubin, J. (2009)
Virgin Books

Wondermentalist’s Cabaret on Tradio (transition radio)

Zero Carbon Britain, (2008)
Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) commissioned study

Inspirational Websites

Transition Websites

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